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Strains Request Form

In order to process your request, please fill up the request form below and click on submit button or fill up the download request form and return it to it to the Asian Bacterial Bank (ABB) by email (abb@ansorp.org) or fax (82-2-3410-6667).

1. Date of Request of Bacterial Strains :

2. Requester
Name Title
Department / Division
E-mail address

3. Bacterial Strains Requested
Title of the project
Principal investigator
Bacterial strains Name of species :
Number of strains requested :
Brief description
of the project
Expected outcome of the study

4. Full Shipping Address
Recipient Name
City Postal code
Telephone Fax
E-mail address

Courier service
shipping only)
Shipping account number (if present) :

5. Full Shipping Address

The requester should meet the following requirements for authorship, acknowledgements, and handling of the strains.

5.1. Collaboration of the project and authorship
If requester or principal investigator of the project wants to include any responsible person(s) of ABB in the list of co-authors based on collaboration of the project, requester should obtain advanced agreement from ABB for the plan. For this purpose, requester could send an e-mail to Dr. So Hyun Kim (shkim@ansorp.org) or Prof. Jae-Hoon Song (songjh@skku.edu or jhsong@ansorp.org) when Strains Request Form is sent.

5.2. Acknowledgements
Please be advised that it is required to acknowledge ABB in any publications, abstracts, or oral/poster presentations as follows :
“Theisolate(s) was (were) obtained from Asian Bacterial Bank (ABB) of the Asia Pacific Foundation for Infectious Diseases (APFID)”.

5.3. Responsibilities of handling bacterial strains
When requester receive the bacterial strains from ABB, he or she should be totally responsible for the handling of the strains according to the international regulation. ABB is not responsible for any problems or legal issues with regard to the handling or transportation of these isolates. Requester should use these strains only for research purposed as indicated in the Strains Request Form. These strains should not be used for commercial purposes.

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